Chicago Marine Heritage Society

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Film & Video Production

The Chicago Marine Heritage Society believes the production of documentary and other interesting films that tell the stories of our marine heritage is an import part or the society’s work in carrying out its mission to educate and inform the public about their marine heritage, traditions and history.

To fulfill this goal, the Society has worked with many similarly minded organizations in producing over twenty productions that have been televised or presented in appropriate theatres. Many of these productions were done in cooperation with the Underwater Archeology Society of Chicago and were initially presented at the Shedd Aquarium Theatre. Many others were done in cooperation with major Cable Channels such as, the weather Channel, The History Channel, The Travel Channel and other similar Cable channels. Many smaller projects were done with the major Chicago news networks and their national affiliates, such as WTTW, ABC, NBC and CBS.

In addition there were special projects done with Canadian Television, Austrian Television and the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. Each documentary or television program telling a unique fact filled story about marine history and the people that lived it.

The Society Documentary Film Program assists major and independent filmmakers who document true stories of human experience related to marine heritage. The Society offers a continuum of support through the life of a project, from research to production and post-production, through to distribution and audience engagement. On rare instances for spectacular films the Society may offer financial support. While most of our work is done with Major Production companies in Hollywood and Chicago, we also work with lesser know independent filmmakers that we bring into these productions when appropriate.

We adhere to the values of professional journalism accuracy, clarity, aggressive research and reporting, and ethical practice.