Chicago Marine Heritage Society

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Special Event Production

The Chicago Marine Heritage Society designs and produces special events to assist government agencies and major charitable organization in honoring veterans, promoting marine safety and celebrating our maritime heritage.

This year the Society was requested by the Navy to assist in hosting a major event commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Victory at Midway, the victory that turned the tide of the war in the Pacific. The Society selected the Midway Exhibit at Chicago’s Midway Airport as the most appropriate site to honor those who served in that battle. In the 100 plus audience there were representatives from all of the sea services. Two of the speakers over 90 yrs. of age were cheered by the members of the Navy NROTC contingent, all in their early 20's.

The Commander of the Chicago Shipmasters Merchant Marine Officers Honors Unit, Capt. Bill Russell, and his aide Capt. Sonny Lisowsky presented the memorial wreath to Great Lakes Training Commander, Capt. Lynch and retired Great Lakes CO, RADM Mack Gaston, USN Ret., who then jointly placed the wreath on the Memorial exhibit.

Representatives of the Society participate in the annual Chicago Coast Guard MSU Water Safety Initiatives announcement ceremony held at Navy Pier.

The Society was proud to support the USO and Pritzker Military Library in their role as hosts to the Medal of Honor Convention when it was held in Chicago. The Society has helped form synergies between growing historical groups, major Chicago institutions and established not for profit organizations.

The Society helped several groups participate in the Eastland Memorial Dive led by the Museum of Science and Industry and Underwater Archeological Society of Chicago. The dive confirmed that historical artifacts no longer existed at the site of the sinking. It also brought together organizations that produced the Eastland Story at the TITANIC exhibit, produced and exhibited by the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

Every year the Society assists Yacht Clubs and other marine organizations in providing safety training and safety facilities for regattas and other marine events.